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Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 12:08 PM By: maxteste002

"I didn't know you were a fake, every lie straight to my face, so blind, i could not see right behind my back, you stabbed me, i should have known you were a bitch, shut up, you make me sick, little man and your nothing like me, lying cheating so deceiving, i trusted you, broke me down, and you screwed me over."

Unfortunately these lyrics describe most of the men that have walked into my life. What else should I expect? So far they have all been the same. All but one.......

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    On Jul 06, Megan Chris said:

    I'm sorry if I sound rude but..... You're fourteen!!! Also, the fact that you said "most of the 'men'" scares me a little bit saying that there's been more than one so far......

    Please take it from someone who knows, having a boyfriend isn't what life is about. Slow down and take your time trying to find love and also enjoy life. Please don't wind up like some of my friends who can't live without a so-called "love" constantly.

    A little story for you.... My Senior year I was in a Theatre class my second semester of High School. I was the only Senior in a class of mostly Freshmen. One of the freshmen I had class with, her name is Emily. She's fourteen, like yourself, had a boyfriend... etc.. etc.... After about a two weeks of being in the class her boyfriend had broken up with her and she was DEVASTATED!! Being the "senior" I was someone she had looked up to, so I tried to help her get over it, and I made her feel better for the time being. The next day she had a new boyfriend to replace the old one.... and had gone through 4 more in a week....... I barely knew the girl and right now..... I kind of see her as pathetic.....

    You can live without a constant "love" in your life... and if you look for one to replace an old one it's not real love.... It's love for the idea of a real love.....
    Also, most guys your age are immature and haven't thought of love... they're hormones are raging and they're going through akward phases that you do not yet understand.

    Sorry if I sounded rude but I'm only hoping you'll benefit from what I've said. Good luck out there.

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