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  1. Hello again, it's been a while!!!

    Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 2:52 PM 1 Comments

    Wow it's been so long since i last logged in!! it's probably been a year. WHAT?! anyways, how are you guys doing?! I'm doing fine in case you're much has happened since my last blogpost. first of all, i got to see Papa Roach once again last summer, in August. i traveled to germany (Wiesbaden) to see them, wooo! well, that wasn't such a big deal 'cause i was in europe having...


    Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 1:49 PM 5 Comments

    YES I WAS THERE!!! Still can't believe! I was SO impressed by the second proach show in Moscow that i decided to .. fly to Germany to see them again! Hellyeah! As far as I already had a visa I only needed to by an air ticket. So i bought it and on the 1st of october i was already in Frankfurt. I spent a couple of days with my friend somewhere in Bavaria and on the 4th of october we went to...

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's all i can say for now. seriously. i think i've lost my mind at the show :DDDD that was freaking awesome. best show i've ever seen! sorry guys, i'm kinda speechless now, but i'll post a review when i'll get my mind back :D (if i will ever get it back lol)

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