Hello again, it's been a while!!!

Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 2:52 PM By: bafy

Wow it's been so long since i last logged in!! it's probably been a year. WHAT?! anyways, how are you guys doing?!
I'm doing fine in case you're interested..so much has happened since my last blogpost. first of all, i got to see Papa Roach once again last summer, in August. i traveled to germany (Wiesbaden) to see them, wooo! well, that wasn't such a big deal 'cause i was in europe having vacation anyway, but still. that show was absolutely INSANE! loved every second of it. and yes, i got to meet the guys after the show!!! YAAAAY! they were all soooo freaking nice! i was a bit nervous when Jacoby came out, so i was hiding behind my friend's back hoping he won't notice me. haha. what a mistake XD so after he finished talking to other fans, he came up to my friend, then he noticed me hiding behind her back and went "WHAT'S UP PRINCESS!!!!!" haha i was actually really scared because i didn't think he could notice me!!!! then we had a nice chat about russian vodka and stuff xD i thanked him for playing 'take me' (one of my faves), he highfived me like a billion times, we had our pic taken and then he left. After that we had a lil convo with Tony and then Jerry came out. there were only 5 people (incl me&my friend) waiting. so we had loads of time to chat :) when tobin came out their manager said they had to leave for the airport and tobin had to get back to the bus, but he said he wasn't leaving until we have our pic taken :D haha what a cutie!!!
i guess that's it! wow what a long post i just wrote!! i was just going to let ya'll know i'm still here but turnes out i just wrote a gig review! :D
Anyways, i hope liked it and i hope you're all doing good!

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    On Mar 31, rren said:

    Welcome back. :}

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