Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 1:49 PM By: bafy

YES I WAS THERE!!! Still can't believe!
I was SO impressed by the second proach show in Moscow that i decided to .. fly to Germany to see them again! Hellyeah! As far as I already had a visa I only needed to by an air ticket. So i bought it and on the 1st of october i was already in Frankfurt. I spent a couple of days with my friend somewhere in Bavaria and on the 4th of october we went to Stuttgart!!! We missed our first train, so we arrived in Stuttgart at 1 p.m. only, and we were supposed to be at the venue at 2-30, but we had no idea where it is oO So after spending 1 hour asking people and trying to find the venue we finally found a pretty small club. In a couple of minutes Justin came out and gave us our passes. My friends weren't VIP so they left and I was absolutely alone there haha. But that was fun though 'cause i met sooooo many nice people! (haha you know who you are, papparoach chickasssss! xD) At 3-30 Justin let us in and whoooaaaa that was like a show for 10 people! It felt freaking AMAZING!!!!!! Then we were supposed to wait and in 5 minutes the whole band came out. I decided to go on my own and i was SO freaking excited. It came to my turn so I came in. Guys were all so nice and friendly, I hugged them all,and when i was hugging Coby he was like "oh you smell so good" and hugged me stronger so I almost suffocated lol. Then I talked to Tony and Tobin and then Jerry said something about Russia and im like "yes im from Russia" (i really have no idea how did he guess that). He hugged me again and explained to the others that I flew from Russia to see them and they were all like "omg russia". Coby was like "RUSSIA? You flew from Russia? we're just back from Moscow blahblahblah" then he said somethin about cute russian girls, i dont remember what, then he hugged me again and I asked him if they will be back to Moscow and he said next year. Then they signed my laminate, we had a short chat and then Justin took a pic of us. I remember everything in parts actually, I guess that's because of the excitement :D
The show was freaking AWESOME!!!! the craziest show i've ever seen! I thought that their last show in Moscow was the best show ever, but Stuttgart was even better!! and Coby ate hash on the stage xD
We've been waiting by the busses for like 1 hour and then Coby came out. He recognized me, chatted with me and asked if i enjoyed the show, and then I got my IPod signed :D He's been hangin out with us (the fans i mean) for like 30 mins (well im not sure, i just guess so). I had no idea he's that nice and friendly!!!!!! Oh well, a PERFECT rock star :D Right after Coby left, Jerry came out. He asked me about the show, hugged me again, we chatted and then Tony came out. He was a bit drunk and that made him SO funny :D he hugged me and left screaming "see you in russiaaaaaaaa" xD
Then Tobin came out, said hi to everyone. When he saw me he messed my hair up and was like 'heeeeeey russia, did u enjoy the show?" I said yes that was the best show ever, he hugged me and then started talking to someone else, then he came back to me, highfived and said somethin like 'see you in Russia next year" (hellyeah!) and left.
Then we hang out with Madina Lake for a while, they were also very nice and funny! Me& my friends took loads of crazy pics with them :D
Really nice guys! That was the best day ever! :DDD

So i dunno what else I can say. This trip's been SO FREAKING AWESOME, I met so many nice people, I saw the best show ever, and yes I loved Germany so much!!! I already miss this all. Waiting for the new tour haha!!!

  1. Chastity Shaddix avatar

    On Jul 03, Chastity Shaddix said:

    well the next concert would be better :D cut we're all back again

  2. bafy avatar

    On Nov 04, bafy said:

    WOW, thank you so much, im so glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. Katya avatar

    On Nov 04, Katya said:

    You know while reading I got a feeling like I lived it myself =)))Definitely you got talent!
    Thank you for the review.

  4. bafy avatar

    On Oct 23, bafy said:

    thanx ;)

  5. DeniseL82 avatar

    On Oct 17, DeniseL82 said:

    really enjoyed reading your review :)

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