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About AJ_Forrester

im bi. i live in my own world.
you dont like me you can fuq off cuz i dont care
i love everyone and karma IS real.
i love music.
i love video games and sk8n.
i love to have fun.
i love murder mysterys.
i have a twisted sence of humor.

TYPES OF MUSIC: metal, screamo, rock, punk, , anythin but hannah montana and justin beaver really
Fort Minor
Kottonmouth kings
Finger Elven
Lady Sovergin
Aly & A.J.
Michael Jackson
30 Seconds To Mars
Insane Clown Posse
Adam Lambert
Papa Roach
Saving Abel
Secondehand Seranade
Green Day
A Vain Attempt
Buck Cherry
& more

* are not cry babies
* do not always wear black
* do not always cut themselves
* can be very nice people
* can be very happy
* are not always depressed
* are people like you
(put this on your profile if you agree)

Pick the month of your birth:
01- I made-out with
02- I banged
03- I ran naked with
04- I smoked with
05- I gave a bj to
06- I beat
07- I cuddled with
08- I needed
09- I dance with
10- I got a tattoo of
11- I stabbed
12- I slept with

Pick the day of your birth day:
01- My Secret lover
02- a dog
03- Snookie
04- a guy friend
05- Lady Gaga
06- a hippie
07- Justin Beaver
08- a porn star
09- Jacoby Shaddix
10- a dead mouse
11- a pillow
12- a "Twilight" star_____.
13- Miley Virus
14- a pie
15- a pot head
16- a homeless guy
17- a horse
18- My enemy
19- Steve-O
20- My bestie
21- a guitar
22- My boyfriend
23- Beer
24- M. Shadows
25- a bag of weed
26- a DJ
27- a razor blade
28- Charlie Scene
29- a monkey
30- My favorite band_____.
31- some blood

Pick the color of your shirt:
Purple- cause I'm Winning ,
Gray- cause I love marijuana,
White- cause some hoes keep stealin my tacos,
Black- cause Im sexy like that,
Band Tee- cause I'm working some shitty job for food ,
Pink- cause Im good in bed,
Red- cause I have a nice ass,
Shirtless- cause I got abs,
Brown- cause the devil made me do it,
Green- cause my mom drank when she was pregnant with me,
Blue- cause I'm a pimp,
Yellow- cause I piss in the pool,
Orange- cause Im crazy,
Other- cause I believe in the tooth fairy,

my result: i cuddled with a pornstar because im crazy :P what will you get!?

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