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About paramour?

Hey to whoever's reading this. So, for one, I'm a huge Papa Roach fan. I probably wouldn't have an account on here if I was a Papa Roach hater. But I especially love Jacoby. He is just so awesome. So, yeah. Personality. Hmm, I think if I had to use some main words to describe myself, the first that would probably come to mind would be; sarcastic, smart-ass, and smart. I like different music. All the way from Papa Roach to Taylor Swift. But I have the most Papa Roach and hardcore rock like Seether, Staind, Nickelback, Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, stuff like that. But Papa Roach is hands down my fave band. I'm actually listening to "Reckless" at the moment. I have approximately 40 Papa Roach songs on my ipod, and if you were to look on my youtube account, half of my fave videos are paparoach.

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