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About BlackAngel WOOW

I'm not perfect:
No angel ...
Make mistakes ...
Am vulnerable ...
Nothing special ...

But I am what I am
I'm not trying other
or so to be,
want to be like others, I am
and this is a good thing.
Maybe I'm not perfect.
But I am happy thus
be, just different, but
And that will always
. Remain

-Always right, but never to blame!
-Am not complicated, but a
-Blaspheme not, I ask only
-Have a
problem until I have a time problem
-Am not curious, just glad when
I know everything
-Sleep much because I am so
happy dream
-Am crazy, but
-Am not jealous, I share
not only like
-One of those people, the rates
like to finish with three points
-Risking everything to fall rather
let go as 2x
not bin arrogand, speak not only
with each
-Have my opinion, confuse me
not with facts!
Evil-do not watch, watch pejorative
Does not blink, because you do
As not where I want to go!
-Am not rude, just because I
I do not let anything like
-Am not intolerant, because I
Aversions have!

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