1. Elonda avatar

    On Mar 10, Elonda said:

    I love all of your artwork. Its really good. I actually first seen your pieces on the PR facebook page. I know I can't wait till I have more time to work on more artwork myself.

  2. AndyPR avatar

    On Jan 10, AndyPR said:

    like your pics:) you are talented

  3. AndyPR avatar

    On Dec 28, AndyPR said:

    Hey Is that you artwork? awesome! I like it:)

  4. Elonda avatar

    On Sep 02, Elonda said:

    Just wanted to say... your artwork is amazing. I am a fan.

  5. QueenOfInsanity avatar

    On Aug 26, QueenOfInsanity said:

    Seriously i want to buy one of your drawings!! They are amazing!! Lol if your interested in selling them PLEASE let me know!!

  6. ayaroach avatar

    On Aug 23, ayaroach said:

    I'm always impressed when i see your drawings! you're such an artist!

  7. Amanda Nicole avatar

    On Apr 15, Amanda Nicole said:

    i just wanted to say your a great artist :)))

  8. blue7 avatar

    On Jul 12, blue7 said:

    cool drawing's

  9. Yogi avatar

    On Jun 26, Yogi said:

    Hi, how are you and how is life going with you?

  10. S.R.C avatar

    On May 02, S.R.C said:

    Im Hungarian To!!! My grandfather was a Hungarian Immigrant here in the U.S. im also part German. I think thats pretty cool i have always wanted to talk to someone from my grandfathers country sincei never knew him :(.

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