2014 album

Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 2:36 PM By: blessthecourtney

Is anyone else really excited for the new album Papa Roach is coming out with next year? I know I am! Papa Roach posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter about it. It said they're going to start recording it in February, in the mean time I need to finish buying their albums before next year. Good day Roachers!

  1. Brady Briggs avatar

    On Jan 16, Brady Briggs said:

    I can't wait! I got The Connection the day it came out, waited like almost a year to get that and now have to wait for this one.. Got all their albums and this one should be sick!! Release date? Or album name yet?

  2. TheRoach God23 avatar

    On Jan 10, TheRoach God23 said:

    Cant fucking wait I bet its going to be AMAZING!!!

  3. ChrissyPapaRoachPietrzyk avatar

    On Dec 06, ChrissyPapaRoachPietrzyk said:


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