I´ve got the new album since the 20th march !!=)

Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 7:55 AM By: BlubberPups

yeah i´ve already got it!!
you have to listen to "had enough" , "i almost told you that i loved you", "march out of the darkness" and "carry me" !! greeeeat songs!!
what do you think about "i almost told you that i loved you" ?
quite sexual isn´t it? =D

  1. Martini avatar

    On Mar 23, Martini said:

    This song is my anthem so it kicks ass.

  2. Fed avatar

    On Mar 23, Fed said:

    You are so lucky!!

  3. April avatar

    On Mar 23, April said:

    IATYTILY is a great song. I've not hear dthe stufio version yet, but I loved it in the live YouTube videos.

  4. BlubberPups avatar

    On Mar 23, BlubberPups said:

    how does it come ?? xD ^^

  5. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Mar 23, Hybrid911 said:

    IATYTILY is hilarious lol. the story about how it came about is funny too lol x

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