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    On Nov 11, samuka said:

    oh, kool, rachel! follow me and send a reply, let's talk about everything hahaha =D
    twitter.com/samuka :D

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    On Oct 31, samuka said:

    hey babe! how r u?
    sry 4 the late reply, i was very busy lately.
    do u have twitter? :)

  3. xxASHLEYY avatar

    On Oct 25, xxASHLEYY said:

    Hahaha, I KNOW. That's what I said when I realized it. :( I'm disappointed in myself.

  4. xxASHLEYY avatar

    On Oct 24, xxASHLEYY said:

    Oh fuck, I forgot about food haha. That's unlike me x] But we could always survive off of cheap fast food before / after and we can treat ourselves with a good breakfast xD But I think we've got this :D

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    On Oct 24, xxASHLEYY said:

    Yey, okies. Yeah that's true, but 40 sounds about right and would be the safe bet to at least put a base for how much we should save. We would obviously be splitting gas money too, so it shouldn't be that bad for both of us and word about the cheap hotelz. Can't forget to get glowsticks either, but those'll be no problem. XD But yay :D I'm excited. I really think this is going to happen, finally. :D

  6. xxASHLEYY avatar

    On Oct 22, xxASHLEYY said:

    HAI. Haha, yayay I wanna see em!! :DD Maybe I can help think of more ideas x] Dog win. I was completely thinking the same thing when I sent my super, epic-ly, long, wonderful comment to you but thought the same thing about dates. x] We can, however, estimate a cost and how long we would try this roach trip for? I'm sure we can figure out other things as well. COBYLOCK INDUSTRIES saved my life. That needs to be an infomercial. My eyes hurt. BAI.

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    On Oct 20, xxASHLEYY said:


  8. samuka avatar

    On Oct 02, samuka said:

    omg, rachel! rly cool! u're good, teach me? hahaha

  9. samuka avatar

    On Sep 12, samuka said:

    wow! do u have some video of you snowboarding? yeap, angra is really cool. i dont listen so much, but i like!

  10. samuka avatar

    On Sep 12, samuka said:

    you snowboard? really cool! yes, you will to listen!

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