i'm so tired of being alone

Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 8:05 AM By: Ninna

i want somebody to hug, and feel protect in that hug.
I want somebody that loves me as much as i love him, and that show me that everytime, that makes me believe it.
i hope the wait worthwhile, and brings me the perfect one for me.

  1. anci avatar

    On Mar 04, anci said:

    I agree with you completely ;) Couldn't have said it better myself...

  2. IlonaSonne avatar

    On Mar 04, IlonaSonne said:

    I understand you,but ..you know,it takes time to find the right person,the only one who makes you feel special,happy...just wait a little bit!!

  3. Ninna avatar

    On Mar 04, Ninna said:

    i remember that when i become a member of this site, i was dating, but i was unhappy, because my boyfriend didn't use to show me if he really was in love with me, and it made me cry a lot. Than, we broke up, and it's been six months since it happened. And now i want somebody really special, not like him. I want a true love.

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