1. doka avatar

    On Jul 23, doka said:

    Tatoo LOVE in your hand *-* Achu essa ideia genial, e fika realmente lindo!! Penso em fazer love na mão direita e hate na mão esquerda =P Aew vai caber a mim escolher ql mão vai dar o tapa ^^" =*

  2. IlonaSonne avatar

    On Oct 17, IlonaSonne said:

    I have some ideas for you,but my english isn't so good so I'll try to reproduce them very clearly:
    my advise:don't do inscriptions like ''I love bla,bla..'' or something demonic.You must choose something feminine,fine...
    you can try to do some stars on your ankle,maybe like a bracelet!...on your left shoulder you can choose a sketch like hands keeping a star.
    If you want something freak,try to choose..a cartoon: a crazy fan)))), a piece of puzzle with an image of a black rose or something like that(inspired from roses on my grave)! Try to make the right decision!

  3. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On Oct 17, themudsharkinterview said:

    Drop the roach idea, get a tattoo linked to me! Seriously, get something that means alot to you.

  4. rocking roach avatar

    On Oct 17, rocking roach said:

    you could take the lion of the paramour sessions.
    im thinking to take on my right arm : life is
    and on my left arm : a bullet

  5. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Oct 17, retarded_dinosaur said:

    i have the roach, but what you could do is your favorite song take a part of it and find an image that comes to mind with it and tie em both together

  6. Ninna avatar

    On Oct 17, Ninna said:

    i don't really want to tattoo a roach on me.. i'm afraid of it, i hate roachs.. haha

  7. rocking roach avatar

    On Oct 17, rocking roach said:

    take the same as me ;-)

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