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About ~Little Red~

I have been playing the violin for 4 years now. It's my true talent. I've been a Papa Roach fan for as long as I can remember. So far, the best concert that I've ever been to is Rock on the Range 2010. I've also been to X-fest 2010 in Dayton, OH, Rockapalooza 2009 + 2010 in Jackson, MI, and Rock on the Range 2010 in Columbus OH. Not many concerts, but they are still fun. I feel like im the only person that hasn't met the guys. I would love to meet the guys sooooo much!!!! Oh, and by the way, I own a purple violin and i love it so much. i play it every single day!! :D. I got it for my birthday and i loooooove it!!!! I love my profile pic because i love randomness and i love Jacoby Shaddix...and both of them combined just makes me smile and laugh every single time i see that picture...it never gets old :D

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