I love high school football games!

Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 1:52 PM By: ~Little Red~

HAHA! so last night i went to the freshman football game. when i got in there, my friends were waiting for me so we went into the stands. so we get up there and there's Ms. Boswell (the amazing english teacher that plays papa roach in class and tried out for american idol) sitting all alone. so she waves us over and we go and sit by her. so we are talking to her the whole game and she makes us all laugh so much! and she was laughing at us because we are such dorks! so i was like "ms. boswell, what did you think of my little sister the other day?" cuz she met my 3 year old sister at my orchestra concert. and shes like "shes sooooo cute! its amazing that your mom could do that twice in a row!" shes so nice and hilarious and she is absolutely the best teacher i have ever had period. she might be one of the best people i have ever met in my life too. she can be funny and serious at the same time. and she has gone through so much in life and she is only 26. plus she makes everyone's days and she such a good person. and then today, we were in class and she was telling everyone stories about the football game and about how we are so funny and i felt special :) and then she had us do this assignment. we had to write a paragraph on "the best gift you ever recieved". so i wrote mine. and then she went around and asked everyone what they wrote. so she gets to me, and our conversation went like this: (and by the way, we all call ms. boswell "bos", so when you see bos, its ms. boswell.)

Me: mine would be my purple violin.

Bos: you have a purple violin?!?!

Me: yeah, i do!

Bos: your not lying to me right now?

Me: no, im not lying to you. i really have a purple violin.

Bos: thats legit!!!

she already knew that i played to violin, cuz she came to my concert tuesday. and she told me that i was really good and i felt special. she didnt know that i had a purple violin tho, and she seemed really impressed. i love Bos! and i had so much fun hanging out with her yesterday....you know, i have never hung out with a teacher outside of school before. she was acting like us too....you know, a bunch of 14 year olds. and i thinks thats pretty cool. gotta go practice my purple violin! :DDD

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