So i spent two days at the Toledo Children's Hospital :(

Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 2:34 PM By: ~Little Red~

since last blog, i havent been getting any better. so my mom called my doctor and he told her to take me to the Toledo Children's Hospital so they can run some tests on me. so we went there wednesday morning. the doctor checked me out and tried to figure out what was wrong with me but he couldnt. so he said i was gonna have to spend the night and get an MRI and an EEG thursday morning. so they hooked me up to an IV and gave me my own room and i spent the night. then the next day they did all these tests and they both came back negative (which means there was nothing wrong) so he sent me home last night at 10 p.m. they think the migrane just wiped me out and made me really tired and weak. so today i feel a little better. it just sucks cuz i have to make up for my homework since i havent been to school since monday. oh well. and my moms work sent me balloons and a card that said "get well soon" so that made my day and made me feel special. well, time for a nap!!! :DDD

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    On Nov 07, ~Little Red~ said:

    actually, it was a really nice vacation from school. i only went to school monday last week. so i was exstatic about that! and i was sooooo bummed that i had to go back to school today. you know, it gets pretty darn boring when you do the same exact thing every single day for a while. it was a nice little break. and i really enjoyed it considering i wasnt in any pain.

  2. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Nov 06, DeadCellPunk said:

    Awwww Im so glad U got a lil pick me up :)
    U deserve it!
    I know the hospital prolly was no fun, but it sounds like U needed the rest.
    I hope they gave U peace & quiet!
    Hope things get better then ever soon!

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    On Nov 06, ~Little Red~ said:

    thanks....not exactly better...still really tired and weak, but i'm better than i was :D

  4. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On Nov 05, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    Me too.. :) I'm glad that you're better now

  5. anyway avatar

    On Nov 04, anyway said:

    I was curious that you spent
    It's nice that you are well healthy (little cockroach)

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