Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 1:22 PM By: ~Little Red~

wow, it feels like i havent been on here in forever!! its only been like a month or so. so i got better from being in the hospital. it took about two weeks but i finally got all of my strength back. i CANNOT wait for christmas break, but then again i am completely dreading it because that means Bos (my amazing english teacher) is leaving our school!! :'((( she is trying out for american idol so in january she had to go out there to do the show. she is the best teacher i have ever had. and i am completely and totally dreading the time she is leaving!!! so i text her every single night so i can enjoy spending time with her while i can! she actually got in a car accident and i cried because i didnt know if she was ok or not. the substitute told us that she got in a car accident and it was pretty bad and she didnt know if she was ok or not. so since i was at school and i wasnt aloud to call her, i started freaking out cuz i didnt know if she was ok. so i ran home and called her and she was ok. the night before and that day it had been raining like crazy. so when she was driving to work she was trying to go between these 10 foot ditches and she hit a huge clump of dirt and did 3 360's and went into the 10 foot ditch which was flooded to about 12 feet at that point. so her car went into the ditch and she hit her head on the window and got a concussion and hit her chest on the steering wheel and got a buch of bruises and she messed up her back. but she lost her car, her $150 dr. dre beats, her $200 justin beiber beats, her $120 chi, her $1000 camera, her $200 tennis racket, and her clothes. she was spending the night at a friends house that night so she had everything from her house in her car and she lost it all in that accident. but she is ok now. anyways, i have a concert wednesday and me, her, and a bunch of my friends that she also has in class are all going out to dinner with her before the concert. it should be fun. and in february, we have solo and ensemble. i have a solo and a quartet to do. luckily, my solo is really easy. well, i gotta go practice my violin :D

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