1 Year and 1 Month!! :)

Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 2:00 PM By: ~Little Red~

I have now been a member for 1 year and 1 month :) proud to be a papa roach fan!! and i reaaaaally miss seeing the boys live in concert. its almost been two years! :( so we got all 2's at district orchestra festival. it didnt surprise me. i knew we werent trying our hardest and with mr. bough being gone and all, it put alot of stress on all of us. I miss all my friends on here. i havent talked to any of them in a looong time! especially you Debby

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    On Jun 23, ~Little Red~ said:

    wow. it didnt post half of what i typed. wowwww. oh well. im so tired. going to bed. good night! love ya debbi!!

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    On Jun 23, ~Little Red~ said:

    omfg debbi i miss you sooooo much!!! and im always on twitter hahaha you can follow me if you want :) my twitter is @HeatherReppert :) and festival kinda sucked, but GUESS WHAT!!!! I MADE IT INTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA!! im soo happy!!! he finally let me in. he gave me that last spot, but im in! im so glad to hear about you and your son! soo happy to hear that you fixed it

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    On Apr 30, DeadCellPunk said:

    I miss you too Heather!!! I think of you everyday! I honestly do. I still love this site, but the interaction is, hermmm, you know. Kinda lacking.
    So I have been on twitter mostly, since it's very active.
    Sorry the district orchestra festival wasn't as good as you hoped. I'm sure everyone will get better in time.
    I really do miss you young Lady. I wish the best for you & keep you in my Prayers. I think of your purple violin & how lovely your playing must be getting everyday!!! & How inspired I hope this new album will be to us all!!!! ;)
    My son did break his silence with me & tell me that he doesn't hate me. We still don't really talk. It is still very hard, but a huge burden is lifted now :)

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    On Mar 21, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    Hey girl!
    What happened for much time?
    I hope to talk with you soon,take care

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