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About Baby B:)

Hey Peeps,.
i have long white,blonde hair and greenish blue eyes
im short, 5'2, fun size, baybie!! (I GREW AN INCH!)
i have my nose pierced
my favorite color is purple.
i play guitar.
i love converse and bright skinny jeans
im friendly :)
im alittle shy but not afraid to say how i feel or what i think
i love making new friends
i hate preppy bitches who think theyre better than evryone else
i hate haters >:(
im crazy in a fun way (i kno how to hav fun) :)
i love to pArTy! ;D
i love music!!

comment on my blogs:)

AND YES IM KISSING A DUCK IN MY PROFILE PIC! (inside joke) I LOVE YOU DUCKY, (you know who you are)

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