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Hi! I'm Brookie Baby's Hacker =^.^=
Her favorite color is blue
She is gonna marry Legacy...I would too but my boyfriend says I'm not allowed. Lls.
She is kind, sweet, funny, happy, HOT! (sorry but it's true Brookie Baby!), and overall basically perfect!...Got a problem with it then you have to deal with me. =D
She really like Stickwitu, New Boys, and good music...
I am doing her page so be patient

Likes: Blue,Boot cut jeans, high tops, pony tails, neon colors, tie's, vests, hats, t-shirt's, flip flops, LONG sundresses, earings, chains, books, art, pictures, movies, friends, suspenders, tights, skirts, long hair (don't care) curly hair , make up, straight hair, slim jeans, History, DARK CHOCOLATE.

KiD CuDi - Pursuit of Happiness ft MGMT & RATATAT

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