NAMM show, day 2

Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 7:17 PM By: Busta

so NAMM today was even better than yesterday. lol

I don't even think I can remember the order of all that we did today!! lol. *looks in camera and twitter for everyone that we met!* First we met Phil Collen the [other] guitar player of Def Leppard..then the drummer of the GooGoo Dolls. we saw him later, and he was like HI MELISSA. which was kinda surprising since he wrote every person that he met's name down. then we saw some dude from Fear Factory and a guy from Hatebreed, and DEANO from Good Charlotte :DD Deano seemed to be really happy that we knew who he was and were waiting to meet him! he was super nice and he said they're working on a new record which is full of yayness. then uhh...some old dude in Bon Jovi..hahaha I don't like them. John 5 from Manson and Rob Zombie's bands. we saw two of the girls from the Bangles playing a little accoustic set at the Daisy Rock booth. Then kelly talked to some guy that I guess used to play with Poison or something..and a guy in Warrant. blah blah..lots of walking we were waiting in line for someone [that we didn't end up staying in line for] Lacey...the evil...from Rock of Love walked past and I was like LACEY! can we take a pic real quick, and she was in a hurry so we couldn't get a pic.

then a bit later, who do I see pretty much running past me? MICKEY DOLENZ...helloooo he's the best Monkee ever!! I was like Mickey!! Mickey! can we get a picture real real quick pleaseplease? and he stopped for me to take a picture, and I was like omg I'm such a big fan lol I'm cheesing so much in my pic with him. I've been a fan of the Monkees since I was like 7 or something..and he's always been my favorite. I was so excited. hahaha then we went to see DJ Ashba. and while we were talking to him Lacey came over and said hi to him, and I was able to get a picture with her then. she liked my hair [of course.] although her hair was more of a bright burgundy color instead of red today.

kelly saw some producer guy and I was like woo? and then I see a tall curly head coming toward me and I'm like WHOOT ITS TONY. so we were like HI TONY. We're finally meeting you! lol and he talked to us for a while like he'd known us forever. :] he's super cool. after we were like, yeahhh...we still haven't met you, he was like yeah..I think I recognize you, are you on.. *does typey fingers* and I was like yeah. lol while we were talkinghe noticed my guitar pick necklace and I was like yeah..I've got one on my phone, and my dogtag, and tattoos, and my bag. hahahah and showed him all that x] prolly thought I was crazy. haha jk. we talked to him about seeing them on his birthday and touring this year and ...stuff. lol. about the show tomorrow night. then seether came up and started talking to was funny cuz we'd just been talking about seether with Tony. We knew Ray was around and had been looking for him all day, and then he just happened to walk by when we were talking to Tony, ha. We ended up telling him and tony where, what time, and who all was doing the Papa Roach signing tomorrow hahahaha. I was like, I like how I know what you guys are doing and you don't x] but Tony had to go to a we went over to go get in line for Fieldy early. we saw a dude from Trickster on the way, and then got in line for Fieldy. met him and some dude from Shadows Fall and In Flames?? whoever that is. haha..and Fieldy was pretty much a douchebag. I was excited to meet him because I used to like Korn a lot when I was like a sophomore, and Fieldy was always my favorite..and well...he sucks. from what I saw in dvds and stuff, I always thought he seemed really funny and cool..but he didn't even hardly talk and when he did it was crappy chat not even small talk. lol lame. since we got out of there so quickly...we went back over to Tony, and he was signing with some dude from Megadeth and some Ramone guy. lol. he seemed excited. so we met the ramone dude, and then talked to Tony again about getting into the show tomorrow. and stuff. then the Megadeth guy says to Tony "Come on man, we gotta go" and tony's like, go where?? and he says, we gotta go play! and tony says "o_O I wasn't invited!" "oh well come watch!"
hahaha it was just so funny how tony said it. then we were like hey tony, we'll see you tomorrow, and then said something about getting into the show again...and he's like, you know what just go to the schecter booth and ask them and they should maybe give you some passes for it. so we said bye, and went to the booth and I was like, tony told us to come over here to get some passes into the show tomorrow from you..and he gave us some. so yay. I don't have to worry about it anymore. haha ohhh..and when I said bye to Tony, we went for some sort of high five to fist punch thing that just didn't work at all and I was like "wow, that was so...." and he goes... "white!" he was right x]

so by then, it was 530 and it closes at 6 every day, so we were like lets just go home. so now we're here in our hotel. I wish I could upload our pix!! ugh. lol

Tomorrow is supposed to be insane and full of everyone. Hopefully we'll see Nikki Sixx and Kat, and.....everyone else. haha. We're planning on meeting Mike Shinoda [he's so nice] and hopefully Mick Mars..and Papa Roach at 2...then at 8 we've got the Papa Roach show yay. then sunday morning, we go home to the subzero temps. I'm gonna try to update my twitter like crazy tomorrow...but I might be too busy. haha.

ohoh..and all day I kept seeing this tall man with long hair and I was like WHO TF IS HE!!! I KNOW I KNOW HIM FROM SOMEWHERE..and it was bothering me alllllll day. and then right before I met Fieldy, I saw him and his wife. right as I saw her, I knew where I knew them from...they were a set of parents on Parental Control. hahahah

  1. Celliott avatar

    On Jan 17, Celliott said:

    your are so awesome!!! lucky girl!!!

  2. vern93 avatar

    On Jan 17, vern93 said:

    thats SOOOO awsome..ur soo lucky : / i wanna meet tony and dj ashba...tony sounds super nice XD

  3. Sammy! avatar

    On Jan 17, Sammy! said:

    You met Tony! wooo!

  4. r04chnurse avatar

    On Jan 16, r04chnurse said:

    So amazing...I can't even fully comprehend it, lol!!

  5. Lovely_XxXxX avatar

    On Jan 16, Lovely_XxXxX said:

    CRAZY! I wish I were in your shoes. lol

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