New Doctor Who this saturday!

Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 3:05 PM By: Busta

I'm a fairly new fan of Dr Who [who is entirely obsessed now] and am all caught up from Rose thru the regeneration into Matt Smith. and have watched the first few episodes of the first ever season from the 60s [terrible! but lovable none the less] this week, Pete [my boyfriend] and I have been catching up on our Torchwood before the new season starts Saturday. I'm gonna miss EVERYONE since I think the last show in January said goodbye to everyone...but atleast we'll still have daleks [] and cybermen.

so who else is excited about the new season? who's your favorite doctor? [lemme guess...David Tennant? haha] favorite aliens?

  1. prareamazing avatar

    On Apr 20, prareamazing said:

    DAVID TENNENT = best doctor:D
    but the new doctors alright i suppose:)

  2. Maia Gray avatar

    On Apr 08, Maia Gray said:

    i really dislike the new Doctor. i can't stand him.
    It's all about David tenant! :) x

  3. wasted years avatar

    On Mar 31, wasted years said:

    tom baker, new dr whos are crap.

  4. Kel {Chaotic Lover} avatar

    On Mar 30, Kel {Chaotic Lover} said:

    Never heard of it!

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