1. Sammy! avatar

    On May 05, Sammy! said:

    I'm about to yell at kkgirl so bad. >:O

  2. Busta avatar

    On May 05, Busta said:

    yeah well I think kkgirl3 was completely out of line even saying anything about it...let alone completely trash him...I'm sure it made him mad and lash out like that. she was being crazy.

    anddddd....he's still on myspace, he uses the Last Angels page.

  3. JacobyHuggedMe!! avatar

    On May 04, JacobyHuggedMe!! said:

    OMG I'm glad he's finally back on the face of the earth! I mean after he left PR he deleted his account on here, youtube, myspace, and whatever else I forgot.

  4. camaro avatar

    On May 04, camaro said:

    i can't seem to bring that site up

  5. camaro avatar

    On May 04, camaro said:

    he really said that ?? omg!!

  6. Fluffnation avatar

    On May 04, Fluffnation said:

    papa roach fans shouldnt be happy with dave i mean the retard sued papa roach for stupid shit and left even tho hes been with them since the start i mean wats with the guy

  7. Hybrid911 avatar

    On May 04, Hybrid911 said:

    i don't like how he said about three friends robbing him etc. that's low to bitch bout stuff like that on twitter when fans are gonna see if ya ask me :P x

    .... just to try and get ahead in business... What would you do?
    about 2 hours ago from twitterrific

    @kkgirl3 Qyestion: if yr 3 "best friends" kicked you while you were down, stabbed you in the back, then tried to rob you.....
    about 2 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to kkgirl3

    that one. dunno.. just didn't like it :( x

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