1. xxemochanxx avatar

    On Aug 24, xxemochanxx said:

    ^-^ *hugg*

  2. PapaFu#kinRoach avatar

    On Jul 05, PapaFu#kinRoach said:

    sick Congrats

  3. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Jun 28, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    Congrats :)

  4. freshball avatar

    On Jun 26, freshball said:

    make the wedding gorgeous rocking and easy relaxing for yourself bby ahahah))) All the congratulations
    btw all the people here would see wedding ceremony online?post the best presents afterwards=)

  5. Marcz avatar

    On Jun 19, Marcz said:

    I have a french bulldog named doche amicheppes diors vincent van gogh.

  6. Marcz avatar

    On Jun 16, Marcz said:

    Cong! Live happy, long, and well! :)

  7. xixISxThExRoacHxLoveRx avatar

    On Jun 16, xixISxThExRoacHxLoveRx said:


  8. Marinka avatar

    On Jun 15, Marinka said:

    Congrats!! )))

  9. *L@cE[y]* avatar

    On Jun 14, *L@cE[y]* said:

    congrats girl! =]

  10. RoCk TwInS avatar

    On Jun 13, RoCk TwInS said:

    Congratulations!!! ^^

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