Broken Home

Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 8:59 PM By: Busta

I've always liked the song Broken Home..but I could never relate to it, and that made me happy. my parents never fought, they did things together, and loved me and my sister as much as they could my whole life. they've been married 35½ years. I found out 2 days ago that they're splitting up. it's the most random thing ever and I can't understand what has gotten into my mom. I feel like I don't even know her anymore. Apparently she's felt this way basically 'forever' and my sister has "known since she was 5" but me and my dad had no idea that she felt unhappy. how does that even work? I've been freaking out lately because of it, and my mom has no compassion for me and can't understand why it upsets me. maybe it wouldn't have upset me as much if I saw any of it coming...if they fought all the time, or never talked to each other, or hit each other or something........but they just went to a concert together last week. they went to the renaissance fair with me and my fiancee last month and we had fun. I just really don't understand it. my mom got mad that my dad told me it was happening and I don't understand that either.....she's like a stranger all of a sudden. she and I were like best friends, I went to her for everything and told her all sorts of things..and she's just kinda shut off the last few days. I probably shouldn't be blogging about it, but whatever..I don't's how I can talking about it, by hearing other people's experiences, by trying to understand. I can relate to Broken Home now. :(

but on the bright side, it's pushed me to get a new tattoo today. one I've been wanting for years..I just never had the perfect design for it or wanted other tattoos first. those of you who know me, know I love and collect pineapples, and I have my own domain lucky pineapple has been my online name since 1998 [along with Busta, which didn't come along till 2003] so I felt like I really needed to get my lucky pineapple tattooed...I really need some luck right now. my family is falling apart, I don't have a job, I'm dealing with my diabetes and depression/anxiety, everything is just kinda effed up right I needed some luck. it made me feel better [even tho my arm is stinging!! haha] and has been sort of therapy for me.

  1. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Jun 07, DeadCellPunk said:

    not to make light of the subject, but i cant really open up about my own, so it's way too difficult to give ANY introspect. but when i saw this i thought of you, & hoped it might give you a smile
    hope u are feelin better :)

  2. Tightrope Lady avatar

    On Jan 24, Tightrope Lady said:

    Hey luckypineapplebusta!
    Just read your blog and I can imagine just how you feel.
    Maybe it's not a comfort when I tell you that I wasn't able to deal better with the situation although my parents were fighting all the time...
    My Dad moved out right before my 18th birthday and my parents came to my big party separately and it was a horrible feeling.
    I couldn't deal with it for a long time...
    My friends helped me to deal with it, to accept the new girlfriend from my Dad (now his new wife) and were there for me, when my Mom died in May 2008...
    For me she was the living proof (can I say that??) that we all can die because of a broken heart!
    So accept that you're parents get divorced in a friendly way and don't fight with each other and don't forget that they love you no matter what you do!
    Always keep in mind you'll always be their daughter whether they live together or not!!
    I think of you!!! You'll get through that! Stay strong!

  3. xxemochanxx avatar

    On Aug 24, xxemochanxx said:

    I'm sorry I'm just now reading this, i'm behind on everything lately. But if you need anything ((aside from the donation for your wedding, in which I would give you, but my account is eeemmmppptyyy!)), lemme know, kay? =]

  4. Ronnie_Rockstar avatar

    On Aug 14, Ronnie_Rockstar said:

    So sorry to hear this news Busta. It is ALWAYS hardest on the children of parents that split. It may not comfort you much, but you know you are not alone. I have been dealing with the confusion /depression for years. Hopefully you can talk with friends and family to ease your pain. And I do hope your new tat brings you all the luck in the world.

  5. Sammy! avatar

    On Aug 13, Sammy! said:

    you know how I feel about all of this. Talk to me any time!

  6. Kel {Chaotic Lover} avatar

    On Aug 12, Kel {Chaotic Lover} said:

    Man, I'm so sorry to hear all that. My parents divorced when I was pretty young. They were married 15 years. It is kinda weird at first, everything feels kinda awkward. But, it does get better with time. Believe me. It may not feel like it will. But, it does. I hope everything works out. Try not to stress over it.

  7. billyrock avatar

    On Aug 12, billyrock said:

    Sorry to hear all of this Busta, hang in there girl, take care of you first!!!
    Great choice on your new tattoo, it will bring you luck!! I hope you post a picture?
    Your story is almost a carbon copy of my divorce with my wife.
    She came home one day and said it was over, but never, ( and to this day) said why??
    The bad part was she still lived with me for almost a year after that.
    She was the love of my life and best friend, it was the hardest thing i have ever gone through. She moved a few miles away. I always thought she would stop by, but at this point I have given up on that :(
    I understand what you, your sister, and most of all what your Dad are going through. My best wishes to your family. Tell your Dad to hang in there. I hope he's doing okay?
    The song, Broken Home, was not one of my favorites songs in 2000 but loved the rest of the CD. I couldn't relate to Broken home. Funny, but it was around the time of my divorce I started getting into that song!!
    Take care Busta! :)

  8. jsgirl91 avatar

    On Aug 12, jsgirl91 said:

    Yeah broken home has always been a song i could realate to because my mom and dad split up when i was 7 and when they did my dad didnt have anything to do with us after that. Then all of the sudden about 4 months ago i get a phone call from him saying that he wants us back and all of this stuff so i know its tough but it will all be ok.

  9. Busta avatar

    On Aug 11, Busta said:

    thank you guys for the's really helping being able to talk about it with people

  10. Valeria rock 4ever avatar

    On Aug 11, Valeria rock 4ever said:

    Oh gosh... i know the feeling cuz my parents were going tru divorce and these days i was listening to broken home.These days i didnt want to tell anyone about my problem in family,i was ashamed and May 2010. was the worst of my life.
    And then i told my friends and they were my biggest support.
    If i still had kept that, i would have been in deppresion.
    And im so sorry about your sickness its terrible but be strong,fight with that... and as they say after rain,comes sun :)

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