1. -Glenn avatar

    On Jun 25, -Glenn said:

    So see you in Ohio I suppose lol.

  2. n2thevoid avatar

    On Sep 19, n2thevoid said:

    You should tattoo my 'crackhead' for me! ;)

  3. FELINA avatar

    On Aug 09, FELINA said:

    hello busta....

  4. Yogi avatar

    On Jun 26, Yogi said:

    Hi, how are you and how is life going with you?

  5. StrongerThanLife avatar

    On Jun 20, StrongerThanLife said:

    follow me on twitter @mskrzypchak

  6. lucian_702 avatar

    On Jun 14, lucian_702 said:

    wow. when you change your hair color???

  7. -Glenn avatar

    On Jun 12, -Glenn said:

    I have. I would have love to have been there. Dreams do come true lol.

  8. \m/ shallah \m/ avatar

    On Jun 01, \m/ shallah \m/ said:

    long time no hear girlie... lol ah how i miss the way i had way more free time to get on the net and just blog.... waa life drains the living soul out my heart... i want it back... music draws it back.

  9. Paul digs Papa Roach avatar

    On May 24, Paul digs Papa Roach said:

    I do feel special for the comment and for meeting you, nothing like a Papa Roach concert to free the mind from everyday stress.

  10. Ms Lori avatar

    On May 19, Ms Lori said:

    Heyy! We had a great time hanging with you guys! We ended up leaving about 2:30 am. The drive was ROUGH to say the least. By Martinsville, my eyes were crossed. Kelly had to go straight to work and I laid down for about 3 hrs. The things we do... ha ha!
    Thanks so much for the help with the pix.. I'm trying it.
    Hope to see you soon! \m/

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