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About Busta

..Everyone calls me Busta, so you should too.
I've been a Papa Roach fan since Last Resort's been on the radio, but they became my favorite band right before GAWM came out.
I have 2 Papa Roach tattoos; "Gotta follow my heart, No matter how far" from To Be Loved on my forearms, and a crackhead behind my right ear.
I'm crazy and have seen them over 30 times in 11 states.

I keep all my stuff in Southern, IN.
No one believes my real age. [twenty seven]
Having diabetes sucks, a lot. Really.
I'm married to the most amazing man in the universe.
My favorite music is good music.
I have 14 unnatural holes in my head and over 51 hours of tattooing.
I probably love cartoons more than I love you.
I definitely love Papa Roach more than I love you.
I hate hate hate ice.
I'd really like to be in a music video.
I think the government is watching me and they steal my ideas.
I like to eat and drink in the shower.
80% of my friends are/were from the internet.
I think labels are a good, necessary thing.
I don't like the process of things, I want instant gratification.
I'm extremely outspoken and have little remorse.
I'm hungry.

I don't comment very much, so don't expect me to..
when I do, feel special.

The bands I've seen
The people that I've met
My tips on how to meet bands

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