Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 10:03 PM By: Zombie_Q

have u ever met someone who was nice to u in the begining and then later on after he turns out to b a stupid fuck?

hahaha i met plently of guys like that and guess what i did to them??

i dont talk to them after i tell them to leave me alone.

but they think "oh im gonna try to get under her skin and make her feel like a fucking slut"

hahahaha LMFAO does it look like im crying? hell no, im fucking laughing at their ass bc they are nothing to me anymore. they are trying to act like all big shit and what not. hell they fucking look like retards sending me messages telling me in a slut, a fuck face,a hoe ect. keep sending them, it gives me a good laugh.

like i havent heard of those words before.... Fellas just drop the act and move on, bc hell theres more girls out there that will fall head over heels for u, unlike me.

Good luck in ur life Douche!!!
-peace \m/ (o.o) \m/

  1. White boy avatar

    On Jun 04, White boy said:

    That happens to me a lot with girls...there are a lot of douches out there....

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