went through with it~

Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 10:44 PM By: Zombie_Q

a few weeks back i asked for ur opinions on what i wanted to get for my birthday, well i went through with the nipple piercings!
i love them. i honeslty dont brag about them but i do get asked y my nipples are hard all of a sudden when im at work but i always blame it when i come out of the walk in cooler that my niips are very sensitve [which they are now] and which is understandable. lol
only about one or two people seen them. and wasnt tempted to touch them. only about 3 guys that i know that i was aquainted with a few weeks ago got the pleasure lol...im only still talking to one of them. the other two were just a fling. thats another blog comming up soon,,,dont know when. but soon....probaly tonight while its still in my head. pne is gonna be a burn and the other was way planned ahead...thats about it.

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