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Hi, my name is Stacee, but I usually go by ZomBieQ. Lets just get cut to the chase, I'm a kind of girl who is willing to do anything for the thrill of life. I'm a very talkative person who has many stories to say. If you cant hold a conversation, why bother?!?

I will break the ice by saying that No, im not one of those girls that get her nails done every two weeks, or my hair done everyweek. If I wanna cut my hair. Im licence to do so. I went to school for it. I may look younger than u may think. I dont care. I had CPS call on me bc my vouce sounds like a little girl on my cell phone! Nothing less I love Love Zombies. Anything that deals with games to movies to even makeup. Im going to a special effect college soon. I don't have any kids, dont plan on having any, anytime soon.

If u wint to get to know me more. Comment me I will comment back.

I don't read; I write

I don't scream; I sing(sometimes)

I don't hide; I wait

I don't heal; I scar

I don't run; I fight

I don't hate; I just dont like you

I don't stare; I admire (from afar)

I don't talk; I walk

I don't lose; I win

I don't cheat; I commit

I don't screw; I nail

I don't tease; I mock

I don't bend; I break

I don't forgive; I forget

I don't die; I hope

I don't scissors; I rock

I don't trust; I know

I don't lie; I bluff (i dont do that at all)

I don't drink; I drive

I don't smoke; I breathe

I don't envy; I take

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