Favorite song to hear PR play live :)

Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 8:44 PM By: Firefly

So, whats everyones favorite song to hear Papa Roach sing live??

Mine would have to be To Be Loved or Forever :) I also love Last Resort

  1. Frankitaah avatar

    On Apr 01, Frankitaah said:


  2. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Oct 18, Monte's Attic said:

    Anything they play is good with me

  3. Danniella avatar

    On Aug 07, Danniella said:

    hollywood whore and scars

  4. Courtney avatar

    On Aug 07, Courtney said:

    lifeline, hollywood whore, getting away with murder & last resort.. i wished they'll perform nights of love because it's my favorite

  5. Jerry Horton is god avatar

    On Aug 07, Jerry Horton is god said:

    Days of War, Change or Die, Broken Home, Time is Running Out, Last Resort, Dead Cell, The World Around You, Getting Away With Murder, Take Me, Blood Brothers, M-80, To Be Loved, Hollywood Whore and Infest

  6. HxCxP-RoacHxFanatic avatar

    On Aug 06, HxCxP-RoacHxFanatic said:

    Change or die :) and ..To Be Loved

  7. drezzy avatar

    On Aug 06, drezzy said:

    man....that's a hard one...i like last resort and dead cell....although i can't think of any songs that didn't get an amazing reaction at the last few gigs i went to

  8. red25sox33 avatar

    On Aug 06, red25sox33 said:

    last resort, croud went crazy for that song

  9. Nio avatar

    On Aug 06, Nio said:

    forever and to be loved!

  10. JoshWannaTACO:) avatar

    On Aug 06, JoshWannaTACO:) said:

    code of energy. that live perfomance was funny :D come on dont make me look like an asshole, scoot your motherfucking asses! plus great song

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