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About liisaa

Hey, my name is Elisa and I'm from Brazil. My english really sucks, but I try my best lol
I'm a student of environmental engineering. I think I'm a nice person (most of the time) lol I'm always trying to make people laugh...
I'm an art admirer.. I like knowing different types of art and the history behind them. I think tattoos are a beautiful expression of art, and are as important as a paint in a wall... It's just different ways to express yourself. I have two tattoos.. one I made for my family, that is the most important thing in the world to me, and the other represents how life have to be enjoyed day by day, we have to live every moment, cause life goes fast and can end anytime.. has a concept like 'carpe diem'.
Music is my passion and I'm pretty eclectic. Papa Roach is my favorite band, and I really hope that I can see their concert someday.
I love meeting new people. I like to know about other cultures and hear about different places over the world. I'm a curious person.
I don't bite lol so feel free to talk to me (:

ps: I'm sorry again for my really bad english

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