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About jimbo

Hey, im James

I am a 16 year old guitarist from Broadstairs, Kent... currently im not in a band but who knows what the future holds. I've been playing guitar for little over 3 years now, i can play several songs and thats basically all thanks to my Teacher (who happens to be Uber cool), my mate Charlie who has given me support (both as a friend and as a fellow guitarist) and who has also helped me through some pretty hard times in the life, and also an amazing website called UltimateGuitar :D

Ive been a Proach fan for the last 5 years and thats when i really started getting into music... My roots would have to be;
Papa Roach
Escape The Fate
Green Day.
Not saying that those are the only bands i like but those would most definatly be my roots.

Music has changed my life more than anything, so i would like to say thank you too all the people in my old class' that got me into these band, and also a thanks to the band for writing such inspiring music and creating the person i am today.

Thank you.

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