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Sat, Dec 25, 2010 at 3:24 PM By: kickedintheteeth

My first blog will be about how papa roach is coming to Winnipeg in March. I am so getting like front row seats like I fucking love them. Like I can sing their songs word by word I knew them so well I got their cd for christmas and i can't stop listening to them I am listening to them at this very moment. I love them. The lead singer is so hot I want to get a tattoo just like him the star on his left side. Once i turn 18 I am getting a tattoo of that. But i can not wait till I am 18 and March.

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    On Dec 28, meister said:

    in a sec a whole thought blog of papa roachers should be the resort of all to many more know-hows and a life line will apear...till then play it on and rock...

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    On Dec 27, jsgirl91 said:

    That is cool! Jacoby is an amazing person with an amazing heart.

  3. ayaroach avatar

    On Dec 26, ayaroach said:

    "The lead singer " and you say "I knew them so well" but you do not know his name? well JACOBY.

  4. iitsVince avatar

    On Dec 26, iitsVince said:

    Nice ;D !!
    where is Winnipeg btw ??

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