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About Chazzy(:

Ethnicities: Japanese, Asian, Black, Puerto Rican, & White. .
Random; I'll say shit out of the blue, & off topic because I can never stay on one thing.
aDORKable; I'm a big nerd, but you'll find it cute. Yes, I wear glasses, :D.
Forgetful; I suck at remembering things. Good thing I put this before I forgot.
DGAF Attitude; I don't give a fuck.
Chill; Pretty laid back.
ADHD; Doesn't everyone?
Anger Problems; Don't piss me off.
Pokemon Trainer; I'll beat your ass. ^.^
Cuddly; Stuff me, & I'll be your teddy bear.
99 pounds of fun; No, I'm not anorexic.
Real; I use my own pictures.
Blunt; I speak my mind.
Confident; not cocky.
Hyper-active; Easily excitable.
5'1; I'm fun size, & taller than three Michael Jordons put together.
Sarcastic; I hope you didn't believe the thing above.
Skater; I skateboard better than guys.
Independent; I don't depend on anyone, but myself.
Talkative; Don't worry I have an off button.
Bubbly; Sometimes you won't know what I'm giggling about.
Texter; My thumbs are my strongest fingerr.
My hero; Matthew Lush. If you don't know who that is then fuck you, & go to hell.

Dnt tlk 2 meh lk3 dis. Or I will beat you in the head with your keboard.! o.O

If you read my whole profile then put 'Rainbow Pikachu Screams' as the subject if you send me a message. Thank you.

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