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About cheekaroach

Ohhh shit. What can you possibly want to know about me? hmm. okay, to start, YES, i did have another PR account, but it got hacked so I started this one.(:

I feel bad for bad guys. That may be extremely wierd, but for the longest time I had this obsession for figuring them out. I feel bad for Hitler, I feel bad or the Zodiac killer.... There's something screwed up in their heads that no one will EVER be able to understand. Its kinda like 'Last Resort'. You may have heard about having thought of suicides, but unless you really have held a knife to your arm crying, you will never really understand.

I have a lot of deep dark secrets held within from my past. You cant tell from talking with me, but if you saw me on one of my down days and honestly looked into my eyes, you can see it's there.

I believe in a lot of "bull shit" conspiracys. I think John Wiliks Booth got away after Abe Lincolns death. I think Elvis Presley is still alive. I think the government is doing experiments on humans like Hitler did to try and create this indestructable beast.

I am just a little bit obsessed with Kelly Shaddix. Maybe a little more than Jacoby. She fascinates me. You kinda gotta know about her to understand where Im coming from there. A lot of people hate her out of jealousy because shes married to Jacoby. I understand that. But Im not really the jealous type. Rather it makes me curious to know what theyre doing right. I run the Kelly Shaddix Fan Page on Facebook.>> . Its an honor learning about her, Jacoby and the boys and how they manage to keep their family together.

Umm. I like to listen to all type of music. anything from PR, to Elvis, to Adele to Toby Kieth....

I dont really come on here that offen, so if you message me I might not reply immediatley.

But uhh yeah, thats all I can think of right now. Byee(:

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