I have a confession... Kelly Shaddix is AHHHMAZING!

Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 9:21 AM By: cheekaroach

So you'll probably notice a lot of my blogs are going to be about Kelly(sorry Jacoby if you don't like that). I am obsessed with Kelly...maybe even more than Jacoby and the rest of the bands sometimes. Maybe it's the mystery behind her. It seems like she's right there, but then again, so far away.
Yesterday, I once again witnessed how absolutely amazing she is. She said,
"Hello All...
This is Kelly. The real me. A huge Thank you to Sarah!!! A true fan, who keeps it real!! I love knowing there are people out there who aren't out to start drama. I truly appreciate you representing a positive light on my family. So many negative folks out there. Thank you. Thank you."
That's literally all she had to say to make my night, but being as amazing as she is, she went a couple steps further and answered a couple of fan questions, posted a couple family photos, and even gave her opinion on what I think I should name my baby.(:
She revealed she runs for a charity called "Be Change" which is an organization is Sacramento that helps inner city kids get a better education. She said, "I finish a marathon and a child will receive dental care, school supplies, school uniforms. If I'm gonna run that far, it better be for a good reason..." She just ran 26.2 miles the other day just to help out those kids. I have nothing but abolute honor and respect for this woman.
After a while she even joked with me and a couple fans about iPhones and their auto-corrections after it changed "awesome" to "aqeso". haha.
Kelly's going out on the road with Coby soon. Rochester through Nashville. She said on the fan page to "Feel free to say hello!!!" I'm unfortunately going to be out of town the weekend she comes in, but if anyone will be me the joy of meeting her for me, that would be great(:
Kelly Shaddix Fan Page... the photos are up on the page. One of them is in the album 'Kelly Shaddix'(that's one that she's in with the boys) the other two are in the album "Jacoby, Makaile and Jagger" (One's Jagger's first day of school and another is of one of Makaile and Jagger taken just yesterday)
452 likes and counting(:

  1. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Sep 06, DeadCellPunk said:

    I will be happy to say "Hello" & ask if she will take a pic this time too!
    If she says no that's ok, I completely understand; NO PRESSURE :)
    I would have been glad to do the same the 1st time I did VIP but I was SOOO NERVOUS & AWKWARD & felt really out of place thanks to my car probs, so I was making every effort not to impose.
    HOPEFULLY this time will be less nerve wrecking & I will be certain to mention U by name & tell her the pic is for YOU!
    If U want me to of course, GET IN TOUCH!

  2. Jacqueline87 avatar

    On Sep 06, Jacqueline87 said:

    aww shes well cool i do like kelly

  3. Valeria rock 4ever avatar

    On Sep 05, Valeria rock 4ever said:

    HELL YEA!!!

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