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About CHEV

BIRTH: 1988.12.21.
EYES: brown-green
HAIR: brown with blackbrown

Japanese Rock.

Papa Roach. Linkin Park.
The Rolling Stones. Pink Floyd.
eight / Black:List. Sadie.

+ diverse other bands but those ones up there will ever be my favourite ones

I'm listening to Papa Roach since I've seen their video 'She Loves Me Not' on MTV while I was waiting for Linkin Park videos (I've started listening to LP in 2001) and I really liked that song. From this day on Papa Roach wasn't to think out of my life! I bought their album 'LoveHaeTradgedy' because I couldn't find the 'She Loves Me Not' single. At the end i must say I'm glad that I've bought the album because I began to love the band more and more!
But there are times I've not listend for a long time to P Roach, LP or any other US band while I was on my trip with japanese rock music. Japanese rock music and the style visual kei are present until now because I really love it but the good old bands I've started with - P Roach and LP - will ever be those ones that have changed - and went on with - my life completly and that is why I'm still loving them!

I've missed to see P Roach live in Cologne 2003 becaue my mum did not allow it. 2006 I got my first chance to see them live and it was at that time the best concert I've ever been to. I missed the chance to meet them after the concert but I don't missed it this year in 2009 were I've seen them the second time in Wiesbaden! And I promise I'll not miss them when they are back again in Germany!

But my heart doesn't only beat for P Roach, LP and the japanese bands I am listening to: I really love the Rock'nRoll sound of The Rolling Stones or the english psychedelic rock sound of the old Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett (I love everything by Pink Floyd) and I am a fan of the 60s and 70s as well.

I hate it when people judge over me that I am a 'visu' or an 'emo'. I am definitely not! I am only myself. I only can say this again and again but most of the kids nowadays are so flippancy...

My English isn't that wonderfull, but I try my very best!
I don't bite so if you want to know more about me, write and I'll write back :3



1. die ärzte - Tour 2003 Jenseits der Grenze des Zumutbaren
21.12.2003, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart

2. die ärzte - Unrockstar Tour 2004
16.07.2004, Stadion am Böllenfalltor, Darmstadt
08.08.2004, Waldbühne, Berlin

3. Farin Urlaub - Sonnenblumen of Death Tour
25.05.2005, Capitol, Offenbach

4. Dir en grey - Tour'06 It Withers and Withers
27.05.2006, Columbiahalle, Berlin
28.05.2006, E-Werk, Köln

5. The gazettE at AnimagiC 2006 - 2nd Oneman Konzert
30.07.2006, Brückenforum, Bonn

6. Papa Roach -The Paramour Sessions European Tour 2006
08.10.2006, Batschkapp, Frankfurt

7. -miyavi- - Live at AnimagiC 2007
29.07.2007, Brückenforum, Bonn

8. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnigt Tour 2008
20.01.2008, Festhalle, Frankfurt

9. Papa Roach - Metamorphosis Tour 2009
29.09.2009, Schlachthof, Wiesbaden

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