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About :)Christy(:

Forget the past but remember what it taught you. Sometimes, you just have to smile, pretend everything's okay, hold back the tears and walk away.

Okaaay. Well.. About me.? Im the girliest girly girl EVER. Haha. I don't like to get dirtyy. I lovee scary movies. And Movies about carss and stuff.(: Transformers would have to be my favorite movie. Im not like other girls. Hmm.. Im 14 years youngg.(: I have blackk hair and blue eyess. Im one of those girls who are obsessed with texting. ? I love my friendss and would die without them. Get to know me. Byee.(:

Heyyy ima be doinngg my wifeyyss profillee :) hahah. Anyway, i just wana get one thing straight..Christy is thaa Shit. Donntt mess with her cause i`ll kill youuu :] She`s super pretty,Shes a really good singer and shes funny :] Haha. She has a bunchh of friends that all love her to deathh. She can be the biggest sweetie ever but if you mess with her she`ll rip your head off. Nahh jk :D ummm... i dont know what else to say D: iighht well lurvv you girlie =P


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