Guitar was insane today!

Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 6:12 PM By: SEE-ARE-UH

Today, Mr. Padgett had his friend come in and show us some stuff on guitar. Dude, he was insane! My class was fucking DEAD though. No one was asking questions or anything so I decided to break the ice with just asking how long he has been playing and he told his story of how he started when he was in 7th grade and how he played on & off for years. Then, he asked the class who has been playing the longest and most of the class just started first semester and Mr. Padgett asked who's been playing for 1 year... 2 years...? Then, he said, "I think Ciarra's been playing the longest, judging by her playing." And I sit next to this kid, Luke, who went to the same grade school as me & I remember him playing "Stairway to Heaven" at the talent show when I had just started playing. He later told me he's been playing for 4 years and then I felt bad for what Mr. Padgett said. :[

Anyways, I can't remember the guys name, but, he showed us all kinds of shit! When he played, my jaw just dropped. Seriously, I was blown away! I wish I could play like that. Whenever he was playing, I just watched his hands the whole time and holy hell! It was intense! haha. I also learned a new tuning from him today and he said we'd love... he was right! As soon as I got home, I tuned my guitar to DADGAD. If you haven't played in that tuning, DO IT! It sounds fucking amazing!

The guy was hilarious too! When Mr. Padgett said the thing about me playing the longest, he started playing his guitar and singing, "Heyyyy Ciarraaaa" and I couldn't help but laugh. He has a really good singing voice too! :] He was talking about how he learned different styles & tuning from 2 friends from Ireland and he would talk in an Irish accent and make fun of us Americans. :] It was hilarious! Me, Luke, & Mr. Padgett seemed to be the only ones who thought any funny thing he said was funny. Yeah, my class is LAME. hahah. Before he told us about the DADGAD, he asked if anyone knew what it was and the class just sat there and he's like, "It what my kids call me, DAD GAD" He would say something stupid but make a... Coby face I guess is the best way to explain it, and I'd crack up every time.

Aw, today was good.

  1. Lucky7 avatar

    On Jan 08, Lucky7 said:

    Its cool you play guitar, im getting ready to learn myself, im pretty excitted about it. im a bit nervous buy ive wanted to play since i was old enough to hold one in my arms!

  2. SEE-ARE-UH avatar

    On Apr 16, SEE-ARE-UH said:

    SLASHER, indeed they do!
    Rachel, it all depends. I mean, this IS first hour but the only reason why I'm so :DDDD in that class is because I really love guitar (and having "Chad" as my teacher just makes it even better). Some of the kids in there I honestly think guitar is just whatever to them. I had guitar 3rd hour and a different teacher taught it but I was there for one day and switched back to Padgett. But that day, the kids were always talking and doing whatever but she wasn't as strict and she didn't really play guitar. She was the choir teacher & only knew stuff about guitar that she was supposed to teach.

  3. b0ard3rl!n3rachel avatar

    On Apr 16, b0ard3rl!n3rachel said:

    dudee. youre making me excited for my guitar class next year....cept i think the teacher isnt awesome like yours and the class will probably be like yours >.< sounds like lotsa fun though even though your class seems lame as shit!

  4. Fluffnation avatar

    On Apr 16, Fluffnation said:

    kids at your school suck balls

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