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i'm just a girl who loves 3 things. papa roach, drawing, and my friends, thats it. 11 years of pure love for p roach. my sis showed me scars before we went to france last year and i remembered them when i was flippin' through my ipod for songs that better matched my taste in music and papa roach was that band, now i listen to them as much as i can, 24/7 basically. my one friend thinks i'm insane for listening to songs with curses in them but i don't care. i just turn my ipod up louder so there's nothing around me but papa roach. so that's it, just a simple girl. :) i've been known for being scary, a freak, anything that doesn't match what an 11 year old should be.
oh i also HATE when people say " but ur just a small, pretty girl! you shouldn't be wearing chains and black all the time!" I DON'T CARE!!!!!! i like myself and my personality. i wear what i want because it's just how i am and NO ONE will EVER get away with calling me something as stupid and idiotic as pretty or cute or helpless. no one will ever get away with saying i should wear something like pink, dresses, skirts, berets, or high heels. anything girly makes me wanna puke up blood. at least i would see something gory to make up for girly.
movies: anything horror, mostly wes craven
books: list is WAY to long but my fav is the hunger games and twilight
nickname: violent little girl (no joke)
Music(favs):papa roach, linkin park, simpleplan,all american rejects, and paramore.
color:blood red and black
songs (favs) :be free, burn, crash, alive n out of control, kick in the teeth,the enemy, one track mind, getting away with murder, the fire, and hollywood whore.
words i live by: life is a ride, ride hard
* are not cry babies
* do not always wear black
* do not always cut themselves
* can be very nice people
* can be very happy
* are not always depressed
* are people like you
( put this on your profile if you agree)
i agreed so i did, it was a blog, i'm not emo but i agree with her.
------??------ Put This
----??-??---- Ribbon
---??---??--- On Your
---??---??--- Page If
---??---??--- Your
----??-??---- Against
-----???------ Animal
----??-??---- Abuse.
---??---??--- Thank You.
this is this roach
this is is roach
this is how roach
this is to roach
this is keep roach
this is a roach
this is loser roach
this is busy roach
this is for roach
this is forty roach
this is seconds roach
go back to the top and read the 3rd word of each line
people or the world: don't feel like your not worth the breath, like your just a body in the way, ALL people on this earth have a reason for life, or we wouldn't be here. think about that.

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