Wed, May 25, 2011 at 6:54 PM By: roachlover1

have you ever had a friend that you got mad at, and over the years you fell apart from them, and then got back with them as friends, and kept going on like that for years? then eventually they cross the line , you flip on them for whatever it is they said, and you don't know what to do the next day when you see them in school? that is exactly what just happened to me after my former friend saw my avatar on a website, which had a green mohawk on it. she called me a goth emo freaky emo chick,( does that make any sense?) i can take that once in awhile hearing one of those but hearing them together, directed at me, and all because i had a mohawk on a drawing, that's just ridiculous and offensive. i'm not emo or goth i just like the style and she doesn't seem to see that. so we got into a little arguement about it, ending with me calling her a whore and bitch because of the ways she's treated me since kindergarten, her not believing i would say that, calling me the same, and before she leaves i tell her my feelings about what she thinks, that i don't give a damn. and now i have no idea what i'm gonna say to her tomorrow, i would just ignore her but she's gonna have to talk to me sometime 'cause we're in the same class and we have groups in reading and i'm in her group so i'm kinda force to say at least one sentence that isn't sorry because i won't forgive her for that at all. choose your friends

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