Tue, May 31, 2011 at 7:24 PM By: roachlover1

so i haven't blogged in awhile so I'm just giving a little update on the past few days. so basically it's a HUGE deal if you're in the 5th grade talent show or not and people are going to drive me crazy. "when is the talent show? are you in it? I'm not. or, I'm in it doing blahblahblah..." is almost all i have heard. the talent show is on June 14th and I'm gonna ask if i can bring in my camera to tape it. I've narrowed down my options to sing a pr song to kick in the teeth, no more secrets, or what do you do. this is the final decision on what i wanna sing so please help me choose! today my class had our end of the year talent show for just music class where we can basically only perform on an instrument or do a song by singing. i sang kick in the teeth. oh! yesterday i can't get out of my head the good news. i've wanted to try archery for maybe a month now. i just realized yesterday that my uncle and slightly older cousin have bows and arrows all over the garage. they teach me how to shoot and i loved it, then the best news. my cousin grew out of some gear, his arrows, and his old bow that fit me perfectly. so in a few weeks after my uncle fixes it up a bit it's mine mine MINE. i've barely payed attention in class today cuz i was so excited over it. now it's like 10:20pm so i got to go.

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