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About cLaY-mAn

Name: Danny Clayton ( Clay-man)
Age: 19 (Feel So Old..)
Sexuality: Bi (NOT GAY)
City: Manchester!

Well that isn't much more I can add to that.But my names Danny, I love to skate , make music, chillout and have a good time.I'm currently in a band called Lost and Found. I play rythm guitar but still manages to get some of the spot light.

I love my friends to pieces without them life isn't worth what it is.

Kat (Coby Jnr)

She's my best mate and noone can ever conpeat with that. There is no words to describe her,because she is everything you could ever ask for in a best mate. And she makes me the person I am today.


He maybe family but fuck is he a cool guy. I love his witty smart arse jokes, they make me laugh even when I'm down in the dumps.


I concider her as family. Her mum was my mum's best friend and we were born two days apart. I have known her all my life, and we've both always been there for each other.


These are the most important people in my life but my other friends in my life who make my days bright are people I could never replace; Phil, Aj, Ash, Louis,Ben, Kerreh, Kelly,Kyul, Jodi

Funny Times...

MJ moment...

Bus home at 3:20 AM

The Golden Oldie!