Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 4:24 PM By: HeyCupcakexx3

what is your favorite song off of metamorphosis so far and why?

  1. drew steier avatar

    On Apr 08, drew steier said:

    i like into the light its just a really raw song has great guitar, bass and drums and the lyrics are awesome

  2. hollywood undead avatar

    On Apr 08, hollywood undead said:

    Hollywood whore bc it was the first song i heard from the album lik3 3 months before it came out

  3. *Shaddix32* avatar

    On Apr 07, *Shaddix32* said:

    i love the song :i almost told you i loved you: but i love any dirty song ^_^ but that one just makes me and my bff dance we love it were trying to get one of the clubs to play it for us ^^

  4. GUiTaRiOT avatar

    On Apr 06, GUiTaRiOT said:

    change or die n live this down

  5. Courtney avatar

    On Apr 06, Courtney said:

    i almost told you that i loved you, lifeline, live this down, carry me & nights of love.. i couldn't exactly choose only one song because there's something about all of them that i like

  6. ♫ Mindy M-80! avatar

    On Apr 06, ♫ Mindy M-80! said:

    Scars, or Nights of Love - usually my favorites are songs that helped me through tough times. (:

  7. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Apr 06, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    nights of love.... i dont know it hit a chord with me and its flowy and perfect and makes me think about everything in a new light!!!

    heavens on fire and im on the run
    dancing with the devil in the midnight sun

  8. theQB avatar

    On Apr 06, theQB said:

    Lifeline, because it's an uplifting song when you're feeling down.

  9. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Apr 06, Hybrid911 said:

    Live this down. Because it reminds me of how I feel about my ex boyfriend and it somehow gives me strength to tell him to 'go to hell' and to collect my thoughts about the situation in a positive manner. that, and the riff is to die for x

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