livin" in a broken home...

Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 3:28 PM By: Evil Soul

hey papa roach friends, this blog is about a very decisive and importent part of my life. specially some papa roach fans know: HOW IS IT LIVE IN A FUCKING BROKEN HOME

ill gonna tell it short ad it or let it be

so i was born before my parents marrige as i was 2 or 3 thy did it and then my sister was born.
we had a good time, like a lovely happy familie...

(first you need to know my parents took in they young, hippie times drugs and smoke weed)

as i was six the disaster started:
dad cames drunk and tired home and slap my mom. i ran in my room, close the door and put my head under the pillow. cause i dont wanted to hear mom screams and cries... and it was not the last time!

some morning the social people carried us and put me n my sis in a home of car...
it was very hard there with all the other children
but me and my sister holded together

well years go along, we camed to a new familie
started new, forget the past/! YES YOU CAN FORGET, BUT SOMEDAY THE PAST CARRING YOU!

i was a lot of years closed and had noone to talk to...
i never talk to never about my past, cause i shamed

but papa roach and jacoby were there and helped me how to live with that drama. and showed me : dont be afraid to be what i am

so thx for read , if you wanna know something just ask me or tell me your story. i am very interested to know...


  1. XxPapaRoachAngelxX avatar

    On Oct 18, XxPapaRoachAngelxX said:

    I feel the excact same-way Papa roach has helped me through the emtional times and all that shit. Glad you were able to find a peace to that part of ur life with them and their music

  2. blah blah blah avatar

    On Oct 13, blah blah blah said:

    I'm sorry for what happened in the past. I know how it feels to live in a broken home.

  3. EnnaEdge avatar

    On Oct 13, EnnaEdge said:

    aiai..gut das wir nicht darüber geredet haben am tag vom konzert..
    hätte dir bestimmt die Laune n bisschen gedrückt, oder?

  4. virgimajo91 avatar

    On Sep 02, virgimajo91 said:

    wow... hard story... glad you found something to carry you!

  5. April avatar

    On Jul 17, April said:

    That's awesome that you were able to find a little bit a peace with that part of your life!

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