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About Evil Soul

Hell Yeah,
hellow all P!P!P! PAPA ROACH Fans...
im a motherfuckin` hardcore Fan of Papa Roach.
almost the fucked up in motherfucking switzerland!!!

so its always interesting, how to become a Papa Roach Fan.
my start was not with "Infest" Songs like Last Resort or Broken Home, hell no! 1. time that i heard PR, was in the NHL Game 2003 of EA Sports. with the Song "she loves me not" i loved the song, the style and the band from this moment ago...

but its as well my past that conects me to papa roach or jacoby shaddix. cause i had a very hard time as i was i child. i lived in a orphanage and in foreign family... if you wanna know more read my blog "livin in a broken home" and you will know more.

there would be a lot more to tell me and my history of the Roaches, some things will soon and other things u can ask me

little descript of me:
tall, dark hairs, brown eyes...
and in March or April i let do a Tattoo of Papa Roach for Memory. im still ot shure what, but i think id will be the Cockroach logo. a lot of People has a problem with them. cause its a terrible animal...
But Fuck you all! i love this Band and they earned a Memory on my Body.
Please speak brave to me to do it. your mind are importend to me.

pApA rOACh:
my Heart, my Soul, my Life and my Passion

My biggest dream in my live, would be:
to meet Papa Roach some day... i think would getting faint, when the boys stay before me!!!
theres no day, that i dont think to papa roach...

THX 4 reading!

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