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    On Sep 20, IntoTheRiot said:

    Hey there. c: I'm really sorry that I sometimes take so long to write back. ;w;
    But anyway, it's not too long until the new record anymore. Have yoi already listened to the song still swingin? If not, you definetely should!
    And did you get the change to see them again now? I'm lucky cause I'll be seeing them in Dec cc:

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    On May 18, IntoTheRiot said:

    But you've got to go to a show of them again, yes? Well, it sucks that you couldn't meet them, then. ;c I've made it to a show of them a second time too, but couldn't meet them either, because Jacoby was ill.
    But however, at least they're going to put out a new record and that's something to look forward to, isn't it? c:

    Beautiful picture, by the way! x3

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    On May 18, IntoTheRiot said:

    That doesn't sound too good! I hope you're doing alright. ;c
    Have you gotten the chance to see Papa Roach again? x3

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    On May 18, IntoTheRiot said:

    That's great! A lot of things have happened, man, it's been almost two years! D: But I guess I'm doing just fine and what about you? How have you been? :3

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    On Aug 18, IntoTheRiot said:

    yeah, but i really think you'll get another chance to see them ;] hope i get another too XD
    He rubbed mud all over his face (you mean coby?XD) ?? XDD haha, i can imagine XD haha coby is so damn fucking cool :DD at schlachthof (it was the place of the concert) he sqeezed his shirt and lots of sweat came out XD haha it was so much!
    so, hows it going with your senior year? :D:D

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    On Aug 17, IntoTheRiot said:

    Heeeey :D XD
    omg the concert was fucking amazing :D and omg i had a good time there and the people there were cool too :] at the end of the concert Jacobys hair looked really funny xD he sweated so much oO yeah it was really amazing ( i mean the concert XD) want to go once again :D:D
    soo, how was your week and how are you?
    and you're right: the music sounds live better than when you look vids on youtube XD but i think its natural. :D:D

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    On Aug 09, IntoTheRiot said:

    Haha sounds funny xD
    Which game did u get?
    yeah, thank you, thank you :DD
    oh well, i saw them live on many, many youtube vids XD
    and proach sounds live like on their albums oô :D:D thats kinda cool :]
    can i ask you something? how long do you usally wait at concerts for the entering to get a good place in there? xD

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    On Aug 07, IntoTheRiot said:

    Hey, no problem :] I'm glad to hear your birthday was good. What did u get?
    Senior year? You must be happy, i wish it would be mine too xD But i would be kinda scared about the things that would happen after :/ Good luck for your senior year ;DD
    Yes, of course you will get another chance to see them! I really hope so! :))

    Oh yeah, everythings good here :]
    The summer holidays are really good and this time relaxing :D But I'm kinda excited, cause on the next Tuesday i will go to a proach concert :D It will be my first one of them :o

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    On Aug 04, IntoTheRiot said:

    hey :D
    sorry, wasn't online for the last time,
    but as you see i answer you now :]
    so, how are you? hope everything get a bit better for you ;]
    and how was your birthday? happy birthday to you afterwards :]

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    On Jul 21, IntoTheRiot said:

    It was pretty cool :]
    And today was cool too, first day since a long time, where everything went well :D
    So, hope your day was as good as mine (:
    What did you do on this day ?

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