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About Lady_Cockroach

Hey fellows! My name is Sam,Steak,or Lady Cockroach...thanks to Coby,My new nickname is 'Unique'! I dont care how ya name me,im fine with em all *Grin*
I play guitar,my biggest passion. Thanks to my Idol Jerry,who bring me into that! *Wink to Jerry* I SEE YOU! xD

~I've been looking for a lifeline
For what seems like a lifetime
I'm drowning in the pain, breaking down again
Looking for a lifeline~

Music,special PRoach,is my only Love and Lifeline!
Sex Bugs and Rock´n´roll..what i need else? COFFEE!
My biggest dream is to be in an Band and get out of this nightmare,which is named my life.
I´m an very ardent author *My words are weapons, in which i murder you with*

With the wise words from J.A. Horton (Jr):"I have a bangover"


On the 10.06.09 My Life got an light,i catched an Lifeline and now i know what the feeling of alive means. Best time in my life!

~"I've got too much pride and desire,
To let this go, I'll walk through fire
Cause I'd rather be caught dead than be weak
And in my last days I'll still be standing strong"~
Thats going to be my first it,i dont need to explain this

I love all my awesome friends,thank ya for beeing there!
....ya know all of this awesome people who make my life better! There are so many.
Just two words: ROACH FAMILY

I am the Motivator...if ya need to be cheered up,let me know ;)

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