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Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 11:04 AM By: Lady_Cockroach

Hey my Roach Buddys!

Dont wonder,i have a new name now.
This is an nickname,which Friends gave me and i like that (Not so like Steak Sammy,but i like it ;-)

So Sammy_Shaddix is Lady_Cockroach
Hehe..i gave me the old nickname,cause i wanted to annoy an old friend of mine..she was so like:"OH FUCK..why Sammy SHADDIX!?"
She was such an coby adorer and she hated me for this,funny action xDD

So maintain much fun on this cool new site!

Lotz Of Love

  1. RoachKitty avatar

    On Jan 23, RoachKitty said:

    How ever you'll call yourself...
    I'll find you!! XD
    Everytime, everywhere!
    I think, I should change my name too...^^

  2. Dacotah avatar

    On Jan 06, Dacotah said:

    lmao "oh fuck why sammy shaddix!?"

    PSH...i wouldnt mind havin that last name ;) lol

  3. Lady_Cockroach avatar

    On Jan 06, Lady_Cockroach said: you would be ever my delicious Jello Sam ;D
    that would be really to confused..always if somebody wrote Sam,Sammy,Samantha or something im like "Hu?" but than its you xDD

  4. Sammy! avatar

    On Jan 06, Sammy! said:

    :D Still Lucky Steak to me.

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